The Future of TheNova

Arraying tagtag posted Mar 24, 18

Hello everybody!

When I joined TheNova, in early 2014, I was simply amazed. Not once had I been so hooked to a server before; it provided everything one could have asked for: fun games, new friendships and a strong sense of community. A few years and a rebrand later, we are where we are at right now. Unfortunately, as of now, the state is no where near as good as it could be. Whilst still having most of the old values, the server is undoubtedly falling apart, and desperately needs major change. Over the past couple of months, management has been planning a few essential major changes, that will transform nearly everything.

Firstly, James and I are taking over as owners of the network. Things are currently very complicated management wise, and we are attempting to organize and re-structure everything. This was the reason for the maintenances that had been occurring recently. As for the rest of the staff team, there will not be many changes. proven has been contributing thoroughly towards the updates, and thus she will be Destiny manager henceforth. We are currently looking for new staff members, from all regions.

Secondly, there will be a major sever restructure and mini-rebrand. This includes a reset for both District and Destiny. Evidently, both servers aren't at their peak momentarily, which is why we are building new servers from the ground up. They will, however, mostly remain the servers that you guys have gotten to know and love. As always, you will lose everything except for donator ranks.

Another notable change is that we're bringing back global ranks. These will have the same name as the pre-rebrand ranks (VIP, Galaxy, Nebula), with the addition of a fourth rank: Supernova. The prices have also been lowered. The rank conversion is fairly straightforward. For each rank that you own, you will get a certain number of points. The higher the rank, the more points. Your points are then added together, and the end rank is calculated from the grand total. We understand that some of you paid a lot more than what Supernova is worth, which is why we're offering extra rewards for those people (more information on this at a later point in time).

Here are some notable changes for Destiny:

  • 1.8 has been re-introduced, the functionality of TNT cannons as well as 1.8 PvP is back.
  • The economy has been completely redone.
  • Iron Golems and Blazes are back in the game - they got buffed, making them the most impactful part of the economy.
  • Donor kits and crates have been changed, overall balancing out the server more.
  • Custom Enchants are now easier to obtain, with an addition of new Custom Enchants (and more coming soon).
  • Shop is now far more expansive and accessible anywhere.

And here are some notable changes for District:

  • Like Destiny, 1.8 has been re-introduced, the economy has been redone and Custom Enchants have been changed.
  • The mob farms that were present in the 2015 prison are returning.
  • There are changes to the plot spawners.
  • The core pickaxe has been completely redone.
  • Lotteries will be introduced.

We're also proud to introduce a third planet: Vega planet. It will be a paintball server, featuring the paintball that was tested occasionally on the server, in addition to a lot of polishing and new features:

  • There will be a ranking system similar to Crusaders.
  • There will also be ranks for weapons, linked to these will be purchasable attachments.
  • There will be more consumables (one-time items such as grenades).
  • There will be a perk feature that allows you to obtain powerups to boost your performance.

We still do not have a date for this rebrand, we will let you know once we do. Anything purchased after today (the 24th of March) will be re-given to you after the rebrand.

To the beginning of a new era!
- Arraying, on behalf of the whole management team.

FuzionTurtle tag UPDATE: The reset day is on May 4th, 2018 which MIGHT be Around 6 PM UTC (Around 2 PM EST)
Rich tag Is there confirmed date of the reset? or a trail?
Sheetin tag I can't wait. You guys sound busy!