Hello I’m NiceKB I joined the Server from a lot time ago and I had a amazing blast and journey with a lot of people either on forums or the server but everything has to come to a end this week will be not be forgetten by a lot of people who really do love this server and I’m very sorry for anyone if I blamed you or if I said something bad about you but just please forgive me because we might not meet in the future but as I said up everything has to come to an end and this amazing server Will end soon all the hard times or good times and all the bans I’ve gotten and the denies from appealing or de irs I’ve gotten from the owners / staff members I’ve tried to be staff in and all what the community went threw will end all I wanted to say is GL TO EVERYONE IN LIFE AND I HOPE YOU ALL HAVE A VERY GOOD LIFE AND A HAPPY FAMILY it’s been fun but this is my last forums post PCE OUT ~NiceKB