Welcome to The Novas staff application format and requirements thread!

If anyone ask the staff to check anyone's application; even if you say to check your friends application, it will be denied. We are sometimes busy and if we cannot reply right away, just be patient!

Everything you need to know about the Staff Application and Requirements should be in here. If you have any questions please feel free to message our Staff Manager ( Arraying ) or any of the Staff listed here

Before we get into the application format, please take a look at how to apply for helper by clicking this Spoiler

Spoiler: How to apply for HelperShow

Helper Requirements:
• Must have a verified Minecraft Character on your Forums page;
• A discord account (For information on how to get a Discord, click here. For the Discord Rules, click here)
• Been registered on the forums for 2 weeks;
• Consistent activity on the server (1h30m/d);
• Consistent maturity on the server and forums. (This does not mean you have to have a perfect record with no punishments. You can still be staff with some punishments)

It is also recommended that you have decent grammar and are at least 13 years of age. There are obvious exceptions, but in general, players with a good knowledge of the English language are more likely to do ‘well’ as a staff member (after all it is an English-speaking server) and players who are older (eg 15-17 or older) tend to be more mature.

Can you tick every box? Excellent! That means you can apply for Helper. To apply for Helper, you must follow the format, and you must provide around a paragraph for each of the following headings/questions:

Tell us a little bit about yourself. In your answer you need to mention: your IGN, previous IGNS, your age, your time-zone, how active you are on the server per day and where you are most active on the server.:

Describe your ‘school/personal life’. Do you have any upcoming exams? Are you bilingual? Do you have many commitments in real life?:

Describe any previous experience you may have in moderation. This is not exclusive to Minecraft, and experience is not essential.:

Illustrate your ‘Minecraft history’. How long have you been playing it? Why did you start playing it? What made you come to the Nova?:

Everyone has weaknesses. What do you think are your ‘downfalls’ in relation to Minecraft? How would you attempt to overcome this?:

Let's talk about the rank itself. Why do you want to be a Helper? Why should you be a Helper?:

Is there anything else you think you should mention? Is there anything you would like to ask about becoming Helper?:
Spoiler: Example staff applicationShow

We recommend that you put a good amount of time in this since you're trying to convince us why you should be staff. Try to make it as full as possible. If you don't go into too much detail, you can be asked to edit it. Good luck in applying for Helper!
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