New donation support system:
You are now able to submit tickets related to rank issues or donation issues at the bottom of the store page.

Report bugs of ZvsV:
We ask for specific and detailed reports of ZV bugs and glitches on the forums. Since Bartoke is back and ready to fix them all :D

New rank:
We are preparing a new rank, please suggest rank names in the comments :)

Donation stretch goal is ending 30 of november:
Thanks to everybody whos been supporting the server through donation stretch goal. You all reached the Creeper Pet together, which has gained everybody access to it for the past 1,5 months. We might plan another stretch donation goal this Christmas.

Its ending 30th of novemeber.
Funkystarfall189 Since The Nova is like "space" themed, I have some rank suggestions. 1) The "Alien" rank 2) The &quo ...
electron128 o call the new rank "universe" because it ties in with the nova theme
_Wiildanimal_ @ NovaHGC
I love it how the title is Thanksgiving Sale 15% OFF and the body/message says Thanksgiving Sale! 20% OFF! ...