ZvsV Patch has arrived!

bartoke tagtag posted Sun at 8:44
The time is near!
You were forced to wait quite some time for ZvsV to open its doors again. I'm sure many of you shed some tears, so we're happy to announce the new ZvsV patch.

1.1: The Part and Parcel Patch Part 1

The patch gives you a whole new ZvsV. Literally a whole new game: we've rewritten the entire plugin. That's why we're so excited: for the new stuff!

> Join in game using /zv or use the compass!

Patch notes
+ The chat is now private, meaning no more killfeed spam, only when you make kills!
+ The game now lasts a maximum of 15 minutes
+ You are now forced to join a team when you enter a game
+ No more signs: a new game selection interface!
+ Added boosters, 2x or up to 5x extra exp/coins per game!
+ Revamped the whole interface, made it easier to understand and edit
+ Renamed Minions to Guardians
+ Guardians now have special attacks! Golems heal nearby allies once in a while, Skeletons wither nearby enemies
+ Lots of map changes: more archers, less camping and two bridges instead of one!
+ Changed all the weapons: check 'em all out!
+ Added new weapons, 'Vampire Saber' and 'Chicken Turret'
+ Added new abilities, 'Best Buddy' and 'Recall Scroll'
+ Lowered prices in shop
+ Lowered game rewards, but with boosters you can earn even more!
+ Reduced lag

Fixed bugs
- No more glitching/teleporting back when you equip speed armor
- Explosives no longer crash the game
- Wither Skeleton (Zombie Guardian) no longer crashes the client when you're hit
- Sniper Bow now counts as kills
- Switch-a-roo now works again
And a lot more!
Sponge_Knight tagtag why the sniper bow no work?
Doctor_of_MC mmk bart
PRTinney Im WAY more excited than ALLLLL of you!