Nova - The Rebrand

GameplayerHD tag posted Nov 15, 15

Hello, everyone!

As you might have noticed the Nova hasn't made a lot of progress these past two years. We gave it a shot and are grateful for ex-managers and staff for helping out. The Nova cannot be kept the same forever, changes need to be made. ExplodingTNT, myself and the management team, present you: The Rebrand

Nova was started with the idea of having it full of custom gamemodes. After multiple tries with different developers, this hasn't worked out. Making fully custom gamemodes to the standards we wanted was a fairly big task for the developers who did this as a hobby while having to focus on their real life obligations. We ended up with a bunch of generic gamemodes to fill time for the wait of custom gamemodes. The thought of making Nova a server with custom game modes has passed.

Instead of shutting TheNova down, we have decided to make drastic changes by taking a new direction for TheNova.

Many of our server managers and developers have mainly worked for Nova as a hobby, we simply couldn't afford to pay them. For the rebrand, a lot of things are going to be changed such as better location, stronger servers and server specific ranks (current donors get their ranks on initial servers) so there can be a profit for the server again - to pay for professional work. We are getting a paid server manager, YouTubers/streamers, web developer, artist and freelance developers to ensure server growth. We should be able to rely on their work since it's their job and not a hobby.

There will be a dedicated video promotion with the Nova rebrand and we will have YouTubers and streamers ready to promote the week after the ExplodingTNT promotion if everything goes well. (YouTubers and streamers requires pay for promoting the server, meaning they are dependent on the profitability of the server.)

We have decided that instead of focusing on trying to make TheNova consist of FULL unique custom gamemodes, we only focus on a partly custom Prison & Faction for the time being. We aim for it to be as non-generic as possible while still keeping the identity of Prison & Faction. It will contain custom mobs, custom enchantments, custom items and other things that will be revealed in details at the rebrand.

We sadly won't have enough resources and time for full custom minigames the first months, we want to keep the managers prioritized on those two game modes to ensure a well-managed server. Skywars and HungerGames do not fit our plans at the moment and are very outdated, therefore it will get removed at the rebrand until further notice. We will consider expanding once we are convinced that our network is properly managed. We realized it's too much of a challenge to promote two different networks with the same concept. With rebranding, we will be able to hire dedicated YouTubers and are hopeful that the Nova can become as successful as MCO

The website design will get revamped with a fresh and new look so you will experience many changes.

The server is expected to rebrand within a months time, depending on 1.9 and other factors.




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